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November 2023

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Carolina Licata of Mountain Ridge Farm

Hi! My name is Carolina Licata. I came here 15 years ago from Chile, as an exchange student. I met my husband at a building party, and we dated until my visa expired. I went back to Chile, and we kept dating until he proposed. We got married in Chile and married again in the USA. We have two kids, and we have been married for 12 years now. 

I started my business after having my first kid. I wanted to work from home so I could raise my kids. My father-in-law, Frank Licata, is a master beekeeper as a hobby. He worked as a computer engineer for years. While working full-time in NYC, he started raising bees and making products with honey and beeswax. He offered to teach me how to make the products so I could start selling them in Central PA (where I have lived for 9 years). I started using his recipes at first, and gradually, I started experimenting with new recipes and techniques. I fell in love with soapmaking and crafts in general.

I have had my business since 2016 and have been growing little by little. I have been working as hard as possible to make this love for crafting my full-time job.

Working from home can be very lonely, but being part of the Monroe Farmer’s Market has allowed me to meet many nice people. My generous father-in-law was part of it for years before me at Bramble Ridge Honey Farm. Since I moved to NEPA two years ago, he gave me his spot in the market. I am happy to be part of this beautiful group of farmers and makers. 

It makes me so happy to hear that people LOVE my products and think that what I do is lovely too. 

I just want to finish by saying that I am so grateful as a Hispanic immigrant for the love that I have found, first from my family in the USA and second for all the wonderful customers that, year after year, keep buying my products and supporting my small business. I will open a little store on my land next year. Another dream come true in this generous land that rewards hard-working people. 

Thank you,
– Carolina

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