Airmidian Natural Remedies

Bangor, PA
Organic Herbal Remedies


Apple Ridge Farm

Saylorsburg, PA
Produce, Meats, Eggs, Baked Goods

At Apple Ridge, their mission is to produce healthy, nutrient-dense food in a sustainable manner. Apple Ridge produces food with a purpose and they feel as good about producing it as our customers feel about eating it.

In the barn, that means raising all of their animals on pasture with access to non-gmo feed, grass, and bugs. In the fields, it means producing nutrient-dense, chemical-free vegetables by feeding the soil natural inputs and minimizing tillage. In our stone-oven bakery, it means making bread the way bread used to be made, based on three simple ingredients: flour, water, and salt. We start with regionally-grown flour that’s organic, unbleached, and unbrominated flour. Instead of using commercial yeast we use an all-natural sourdough starter to help make our bread easily digestible again. Our baking process takes much longer than your average modern-day bakery but the end result is a product we can be proud of and that people can eat and feel good about. In fact some of our baked goods and most of our value-added products feature ingredients grown right here on the farm. As part of our commitment to local sustainability, we fuel our wood-fired oven with slab wood, a waste product from a local sawmill.

As part of our commitment to sustainability we also strive to create economic and environmental sustainability within our community by creating jobs and utilizing waste products (leaves, manure, vegetable scraps, and slab wood) as inputs into our operation.

Mountain Ridge Farms

Brodheadsville, PA
Pure, Raw Honey

 All of Mountain Ridge Farms’ products are made in small batches with the best natural ingredients. They use their own honey in the soaps and lotions, and beeswax in our lip balms and candles. 

Being a beekeeper is a challenging and important job these days. Bees are dying at record rates putting our food supply at serious risk. We like to think we are collaborating to restore and protect the world’s bees in a small scale. It is important for us to not only offer the best natural products, but also spread the word about the importance of bees.


Four Fields Farm

Great Meadows, NJ
Pasture-raised pork, chicken, duck, eggs, and lamb

Four Fields Farm is a diversified & grass-based farm in north western New Jersey, raising eggs, pork, chicken & duck, and lamb all on pasture, as well as log-grown shiitake and oyster mushrooms. Any grain used to supplement the poultry’s & pigs’ diet is non-GMO and locally sourced. Lamb is 100% grass-fed. All animals are humanely and naturally raised, rotated regularly onto new pastures for fresh food and exercise. They firmly believe that top quality and compassionate care leads to a top quality product: you can really taste the difference!

K & G Produce

Family-owned bringing fresh vegetables from our family to yours.


Hours & Location

Courthouse Square
Stroudsburg, PA

Summer Hours:
May – October 8:00 am – 12 noon

Holiday Hours:
November – December 9:00 am – 12 noon

Winter Hours:
January- April 10:00 am – 12:00 noon

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