After realizing how backwards and messed up the food system was, Apple Ridge Farm, owned by Brian Bruno, came into existence. Founded in 2003, this organic farm continues to provide fresh vegetables and tasty treats to their community.



A quick questionnaire revealed a lot about this productive and ever-growing company.



“I began growing vegetables on my family’s farm and it turned into a passion. Our farm is run by my family, apprentices and employees. In the beginning, my parents and my aunt were my main sources of help. My dad still helps out quite a bit and my daughters, ages seven and ten, are starting to learn the ropes.”


I asked Brian to tell me what his company brings to the community besides mouth-watering chocolate muffins, soft oatmeal cookies and delicious cakes and pies. “We bring food grown with integrity, a place to learn about holistic farming and jobs to passionate foodies…especially our proudest product: Our Chicken Pot Pie! That one item ties together our farming and baking specialties.”

When asked what plans Apple Ridge has for the future, Brian grins. “We’re constantly growing within our farms capacity. New growth will come in the form of perennial-like berries. Someday, I’d like to start a farm that specializes events, drinks and hot food.”

“Do you have any recipes or uses for a particular product that we never thought of?”, I asked.

“Turnips. Turnips can be fried, baked, mashed, roasted and eaten raw in a salad. We’ll also be selling gardening supplies like soil, raised beds, seeds and compost. And for honey lovers, we’ll have beekeeping workshops.”

Wow! Now that’s an impressive farm!

Did you know that Apple Ridge now makes tasty and nutritious Kombucha? And their chocolate muffins are drool worthy. I should know…I’ve eaten a few too many of them.

Visit Brian on Saturdays at the Monroe Farmer’s Market.