How far does your produce travel to reach your Thanksgiving day table? If you shop at your local farmers market, not very far at all. But if you buy produce from a grocery story, your food is likely traveling over a thousand miles on average. Check out this post by Sustainable America, and read below to discover why it’s important to #eatlocal during the holidays (and as much as possible!).

1. It’s good for your taste buds

Heritage and heirloom varieties of meat and produce typically found on smaller farms offer more flavor and unique variety.

2. Good for the environment

By supporting small and sustainable farms, you can help reduce the impact of industrial farming and promote the use of environmentally friendly farming methods. Reduce the amount of miles your food travels and you’re reducing carbon emissions.

3. Good for your community

When you buy local, more of the money you spend goes directly back into your community, creating jobs and supporting local business.

4. Good for farmers

Farmers are becoming a vanishing breed, and it’s no surprise since they receive less than 10 cents of the retail food dollar. Local farmers who sell direct to consumers at farmers markets get full retail price. That’s good for farmers, their families, and our future.

5. Good for animals

If animal welfare is important to you, or if you have concerns about the environmental impacts of factory farming, knowing where your food comes from can help you goose farms that meet your standards.

6. Good for your health

Fresh produce loses nutrients quickly. Locally grown food purchased soon after harvest retains its nutrients.

(Source: Sustainable America)