United Way of Monroe County fights hunger with an option to double SNAP purchases


United Way’s “Double Bucks” Program is an opportunity for SNAP participants to DOUBLE up to 20 of their SNAP dollars at the Monroe Farmers Market. The program provides an incentive to increase access and affordability of fresh fruits and vegetables to families on limited budgets.

“Healthy food is good medicine that all people need,” says Jennifer Strauch, who leads the effort behind the local Hunger Coalition. In Monroe County, only 8% of residents report eating a recommended 5 fruits and vegetables every day, a percentage which United Way of Monroe County hopes to increase with this initiative.

Advantages of the “Double Bucks” Program are 3-fold:

  • SNAP participants will have access to high-quality nutritious food
  • Local farmers gain new customers
  • More dollars stay in the local economy

“When we work together, we have the ability to impact lives in a meaningful way,” says Strauch.