I bet most people don’t think a simple bar of soap can make a difference in someone’s life. But to the surgeon that’s getting ready to dissect an aorta, or the harried mother who has to get dinner on the table in one hour, a bar of soap means the world in terms of germ control.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

And if there’s one thing that SoapMuffin can do, is get you clean.

In these strange new times, the number one thing that we can do to stop the spread of illness and disease is wash your hands. SoapMuffin is happy to help you along your cleanliness journey.

It began on a simple farm one day when a young girl was given the task of rendering lard, also known as pig fat. That smelly, messy task would be the beginning of a long relationship with soap that would span decades. Lard soap remains a staple on many homesteads and is used not just for showering, but for laundry and washing dishes. Made with real herbs from her garden, Azizi Dayo’s company, SoapMuffin, caters to the holistic and natural community. A community that wants to veer away from harsh chemicals and man made prescriptions.

Perhaps the proudest moment came when a customer, frantic with pain, called to inquire what she had on hand for Poison Ivy. After walking the customer through the steps to properly wash the affected area, the soap, DUZ, was recommended. Also sold in stores, this mild, gentle oatmeal soap quickly healed that pesky rash and stopped the itch.

Also on their menu are hair cremes made from real African Shea Butter and raw oils, aluminum-free natural deodorant, foot powder and various antiseptic sprays that you can tuck into your pocket.

DUZ remains, along with African Black Soap for Acne, one of the bestsellers in her company.

SoapMuffin, in business for over twenty-two years, is also proud to incorporate their love of animal husbandry into their holistic products. They have Woof and Hoof Medicated Soap for fleas, ticks, mites and itchy skin and multiple salves for wounds, cuts and post operative pain. These can be used for all livestock with fur or feathers, and have virtually zero side effects.

SoapMuffin is a proud member of the Soap Maker’s Society and The Natural Soap Directory. Visit them for more great products at the Monroe Farmer’s Market or contact them directly for special orders.